Hardwood Thresholds

Hardwood Thresholds are usually made of pine or oak because of their cost, quality, maintenance and durability. You can find other Hardwood Thresholds made up of various types of wood or more exotic woods but they are generally much more expensive. Most Hardwood Thresholds come natural and unstained so that the buyer can match the color of the wood threshold to the wood of the door and/or door jamb. Read More

What is a Hardwood Threshold?

Hardwood Door Thresholds are installed on the floor underneath a door to keep the opening weather-tight. Door thresholds are part of the weatherization and sealing system for door openings. Read More

Benefits of Hardwood Thresholds

  • Low cost and affordable
  • Save money by reducing energy bills
    - During the winter, door thresholds keep cold air out of the home while keeping expensive heat inside
    - In the summer, door thresholds keep conditioned air inside while keeping hot weather out
  • Protects against insects
  • Easy to install
  • Long lasting
  • Be green – eco friendly

How To Install a Hardwood Threshold

Learn how to install, measure, cut and replace a hardwood door threshold.

All season protection against drafts, moisture, dust and insects.

American Made, Earth Friendly

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